Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How I Create

How I create: A look at creativity from an artist

That's a word I've thought a lot about lately.
What does is mean?  How do you get it? Where do creative ideas come from?
I've spent the last few years more dedicated to creating than ever before and here is what I've learned from my experience.

Ok, so just to be honest here, I usually don't come up with an idea totally and completely on my own. I'm almost always inspired by something else I have seen.  It can be another artist's work, nature, or even clothing designs.  I frequently walk out of Target with some painting ideas in mind. I just have a different idea of how I'd want it to look or how I would make it differently.  So in that way, it becomes my own.

wildlife photography

I get out often to take photos of nature and keep a notebook or sketchbook handy at all times to make note of my ideas.  If I don't write them down, they inevitable get lost in the jumble of my brain.

My creative process varies from project to project.  Sometimes I have to do a bit of experimenting, sketching, and planning to before I start the real thing.  Sometimes I have to work at using a new medium- learn how to actually use it to gain the necessary skills.  Other times I can go with the flow and start something cold turkey.  That takes practice, practice, and ya, more practice!  It's so rewarding for me to see a finished project that meets my expectations. The work is worth it!

So, I'll walk you through the creative process that led to one of my favorite watercolor projects, my Watercolor Portraits.  

I got the idea for making these from another watercolor portrait I had seen somewhere online.  It had the same posterized effect and looked so cool, but I had no idea how I could actually make one. Drawing the portrait like that by hand would take phenomenal effort and talent and I wanted to find an easier way to make it so that everyone could make one too, not just the super skilled artists.  So I let the idea simmer a few months. It was always in the back of my mind.  I was problem solving.  

Finally I remembered a pencil transferring technique I had learned in school and it donned on me that that was the answer. So then I entered the experimental phase. I tried posterizing all kinds of photos to see what worked best. Then I actually tried it would with watercolors on watercolor paper. Luckily this one was a success!  So I made more!

Creative Resistance:
Even with ideas flowing, there are still times when my ideas don't materialize the way I envisioned them.  But you never know unless you try right?

One of the biggest resistors to creativity is fear.  Fear of failure.  Fear of not producing exactly what you had in mind.  In my case, I worry about wasting materials- I'm cheap like that.

You have to think on the positive side to be creative.  Even if you end up with a failed project, or semi-failed project, there is still something to be learned and gained from it.  Sometimes I discover that the idea was a bad one to begin with, sometimes I just have to figure out a new way to do it. And then once in a while, you get those glorious happy accidents- where you didn't plan something to happen, but it turned out better than you what you had in mind.

How I Create:  A look at creativity from an Artist's perspective

When I find myself having failure after failure, it's usually a sign that I'm just frazzled with life and need a break.  I need to get outside, take a vacation, play with my son, talk with friends.  I come back later feeling energized and like my mind is alive again. I feel more inclined to create when I am balanced.

So those are my thoughts on creativity!  I hope that gave you a little insight into my world!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

He Understands

It's here.  The week of my surgery is finally finally here!  You may wonder why I finish that sentence with an exclamation point.  Surgery is supposed to be scary and painful right?  Well, if you had waited a year to figure out what to do about a painful thing like Endometriosis, you would be doing a happy dance right along with me!  I am finally going to be doing something about it.  

Surgery is not a cure.  I'm going under the knife with this in mind.  It is a temporary relief.  But it is relief.  It is a chance for something to change for the better.

This past summer was one of the longest and most painful of my life.  You wouldn't know that from reading my blog- I tried really hard to keep the creativity flowing because that's one way I cope.  But my body slowed down with the pain caused by disease, exhausted with the effort of trying to maintain a somewhat normal life.  

 At times my despair was more than I thought was possible to experience.  Would I have to be like this forever?  Would I ever find relief from the pain? I felt oh so very alone.

  I turned my heart towards my Savior more than ever.  He comforted me. He let me know that He was there.

LDS Women

I can write here now with certainty that I know there is a God.  He has a Son who died for us.  That Son is Jesus Christ.  If I've gained anything from the years and years of pain, it is this.  He is there. He loves us.  He understands.  He wants to help us. 

I'm holding on to that with all my might.  I don't know what the outcome of this surgery will be.  It may very well be the end of my ability to bare children.  I'm trying to prepare myself for that.  I'm going in with faith because that is the only way I can move forward.  That is the only way I can be happy.  

What the Lord has planned for me is better than what I would plan for myself.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stamped Thank You Note Cards

mini thank you note cards on watercolor paper

Etsy sales usually start to pick up after summer is over- thank goodness!  Hence the need for more thank-you note cards.

This time I made us of my watercolor paper scraps and my small stamp collection.  Stamps on watercolor paper look so much more elegant than on regular computer paper or even card stock.  

mini thank you note cards on watercolor paper
stamped mini thank you note cards on watercolor paper

I use Strathmore 140lb coldpress watercolor paper for most of my watercolor projects.  It's a gorgeous paper with a beautiful texture.

stamped mini thank you note cards on watercolor paper
stamped mini thank you note cards on watercolor paper

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